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NEW! Drop Down Now Included In Vertex

This month another new addition to the Vertex Framework is the S5 Ultimate Drop Down. This is a feature that was seen in several Shape 5 designs. Many have asked how to add to other designs so we decided to build this into the framework so every design here on out will have this functionality. Be sure to read more about this new feature here: Features:

  • Customize almost everything! Shadows, borders, gradient, opacity
  • Contains 6 module positions drop_down_1, drop_down_2, drop_down_3, drop_down_4, drop_down_5 and drop_down_6
  • Auto adjust to the height of your content
  • Set your own open and close text
  • And many more features!
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Lisa Truter

“Guess what, Aunty Lisa, guess what! I can now brush my teeth in the right way. When I was at the camp, they taught me. I never knew how.”

This very important news was told with a big grin. I couldn’t help smiling too. Who would have thought that, after a weekend full of fun, this would be the first story that she wanted to share with me? At the end of last year, Groote Kerk in Cape Town spoiled the children from the Zoë Trust Kid’s Club (between eight and 11 years) with a camping trip for Christmas. It was the first time that many of the children had gone camping – and had a bed to themselves. The children were quiet and nervous when they left, but came back more mature. The camp was the first step in teaching them how to spread their wings. Thank you Groote Kerk for your support! It’s amazing!

The barbed wire girls

This group of teenagers (between the ages of 11 and 17 years) meet in Badsberg Close, Heideveld on Tuesday evenings. They call themselves “the Monique group”, a support group for teenage girls. Thirty of them meet in a small classroom. This is a recipe for fun and laughter, but also for lots of barbed wire irritation. Fun activities at the last meeting of the year included swimming, lots of eating, master-chef lessons, a photo booth, manicures and makeup, and making necklaces, bangles and cards.

The Peacemakers

It may seem as if teenage boys go through adolescence easier than girls, but not for those living on the Cape Flats. This is a crucial decision making season for them. It is the time when they have to decide to stay in school or drop out; to use drugs or to sell them. To join a gang. Or not. Big decisions for these young men. The name, Peacemakers (a support group for teenage boys in Badsberg Close, Heideveld), shows that we have big dreams for these boys. Fun activities at the last meeting of the year included swimming, swimming and some more swimming… and big ice creams!

Children’s party

On 18 December, 60 little bundles of energy came running into Straatwerk’s yard. With big smiles and swimming costumes in their backpacks, their energy levels seemed to be inexhaustible! They thoroughly enjoyed all the fun of a swimming pool, jumping castle, slippy-slide games, hoola-hoops, skipping rope games and face painting. And gifts, of course.

The Monique girls having fun The teenage boys enjoying themselves in Sea Point
The Monique girls having fun The teenage boys enjoying themselves in Sea Point
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