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Action Immanuel 2014

The theme for this year is: I am the Way – Jesus – the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Our programme will more or less be as follows:
We kick off with two prior events – on 6 December the teenage girls from the Zoë Trust Monique support group in Heideveld will go on a Christmas outing, followed by the teenage boys on 10 December.

Wednesday 17 December

A worship and prayer morning in Mitchell’s Plain with women from the Cape Flats. They are part of the Valuable to Jesus campaign and pray weekly at different schools in the area. In the evening, a servant evangelism outreach in Voortrekker Road, Parow.

Thursday 18 December

Christmas party for the smaller children from the Zoë Trust Kids’ Club (4 – 8 years).

Friday 19 December

In the morning, an outreach on the Promenade in Sea Point. Older children from the Zoë Trust Kids’ Club (9 – 11 years) depart for a three day camp with Groote Kerk, Cape Town. A servant evangelism outreach from 21:30 – 02:00 in the City Bowl, Green Point and Sea Point.

Saturday 20 December

‘Dangerous Women’ event. A gathering of women who made a commitment to follow the Lord, most of them from a broken background. We’ve had the privilege of journeying with them through life’s ups and downs.

Sunday 21 December

An early morning cleaning shift, starting at 04:00. We are going to clear the streets of paper, bottles and other litter – evidence of the parties held the night before. Afterwards the homeless will be served coffee and encouraged to get involved with Ophelp Projekte.

Monday 22 December

In the morning, an outreach at the traffic lights of the City Bowl. Licence discs with the Valuable to Jesus message will be distributed. At lunch time, a thanksgiving service together with participants of the Ophelp Projekte at St Andrews Church in Green Point. In the evening, a servant evangelism outreach in Voortrekker Road, Parow.

Tuesday 23 December

In the evening, a servant evangelism outreach in Brooklyn.

Wednesday 24 December

Christmas Eve outreach in the City Bowl.

Christmas Day 25 December

Later in the morning, an outreach to people wandering the streets of Parow, especially Voortrekker Road.


  • Willing hands;
  • financial contributions;
  • toiletries (soap, wash cloths, towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes,vroll-on, etc.);
  • stationary (colouring pencils, retractable crayons, pens, pencils, erasers, colouring books, pencil cases, scissors, etc.) ;
  • lollipops, chips, cold drink, peanuts, sweets, biscuits for the outreaches, children’s parties and camp;
  • sponsor a gift bag with treats for the participants of the Ophelp Projekte to be distributed after the thanksgiving service (at R15 each);
  • sponsor licence discs for the Valuable to Jesus outreach at the traffic lights (at R1 each).

We have a great need for cell phones!

Do you have a cellphone or two, still in working condition and gathering dust in a drawer?

We can make good use of it in all our ministries. For example, foremen at Ophelp Projekte cannot function
without a cell phone.

These phones also play a crucial role in our discipleship journey with women coming out of a lifestyle of prostitution.

The Body of Christ in Action…

…is Straatwerk’s motto.

We see this motto unfold in various ways. The team that reaches out to women in prostitution in Green Point, Sea Point, the City Bowl and Woodstock is a good example (so are the teams reaching out in other areas). Six different churches are represented in the city team, each of them by one or more volunteers: Calvary Chapel, Shofar, Victory Outreach, Catholic Church, Dutch Reformed Oostersee and the Independent Congregational Church.

“We also want to be normal… Get out of bed and drink coffee in the morning. We live under the world and not in it.” – The words of a woman trapped in prostitution.

In the past year, the city team had 786 conversations with women in prostitution.

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