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Sylvia vind God … en haar roeping

Die getuienis van Sylvia Ramazani, soos getranskribeer van die radioproram 20/20 Visie op Tygerberg 104fm. Hierdie program is op 10 Junie 2015 uitgesaai.

Sylvia is oorspronklik van die Demokratiese Republiek van die Congo en het vir 16 jaar in Kaapstad gebly. Aan die einde van Mei is sy terug na haar land met die hoop om weer herenig te word met haar familie. Sylvia het in die tyd ontdek dat sy ‘n gawe het om na babas te kyk.

Ons doel met hierdie program was om ‘n vraag te beantwoord waarmee baie mense sukkel:
Kan vroue wat in prostitusie is regtig verander? “I came with my boyfriend to Cape Town but then he left and I was on my own. My friend from the Congo was living in Sea Point and said that I must come and live by him. He was keeping women in the house and selling drugs. Beautiful ladies were staying in the house, more beautiful than me. I helped in the house. They went out in the night and came home with money. They bless me with money. I started to smoke cigarettes. I washed their clothes and cooked and cleaned for them. I loved them as I loved myself.

“Then I started to do drugs. At first I didn’t feel anything. I felt nothing in my body. Over years and years it destroyed all of my body. My family wasn’t involved in prostitution and drugs. I started selling my body to buy drugs and to have somewhere to stay. I got involved with a drug dealer. It wasn’t a man it was a woman from Cameroon.

“She gave me a place to stay, buy me clothes, me I worked for money for her. From those times I didn’t feel happy. I thought maybe there was a God calling me.

“For five years I just felt that something was lost in my body. I saw that people who were selling drugs were driving nice cars, wearing nice clothes and I had nothing. My life was only in the drugs.

“God was calling me. People from God came to me on the street, walking the road, encouraging the ladies and they prayed for you. They would ask you: ‘Are you happy with this life that you have? Do you want to leave this lifestyle?’ They didn’t force us to come to God.

“Sometimes I ran away when the car stopped for me. But mostly I listened. Many times I asked them for prayer. Sometimes I saw them talking to another lady on the corner and then I disappear.

“Life became more sore in my heart. I can make money, that money is not really for myself. Money for selling my body but I had to share it with someone else. I was not happy for my life. “Many men would stop for you. They will give you money, but sometimes they ask: “You a tall, beautiful and intelligent lady. You are a nice lady. Why are you standing here selling your body?’

“I was tired. I was feeling no more. Suffering with no family around and just selling my body all the time. Money I earn on the street for other people. You see no profit in this business. Easy come easy go money.

“Then I went to the Methodist church in Brooklyn. I met Pastor Duke and he gave me at test. He told me that no person can love me like Jesus, and God loves me and Jesus, he died for my sin. He said that if I believe in that and give my life to God, God will change me. And it was the truth. The second day I came back to pastor Duke for help. Pastor Duke helped me too much.

“He sent me to the Ark rehabilitation, a Christian place. You go to the Bible school, discipleship school. For six months I had to humble myself and gave my life to the Lord. During that time the Holy Spirit was touching my life. People around me didn’t understand that I was so very happy. That happy now make me to love God. I’m not working but I eat. God is good.

“Five years ago I gave my life to God. It was not easy. You only see the benefit later. The way I’m feeling now, I’m walking with God. I love God. God did change my life.

“He gave me a spiritual mama. It was not easy to stay there. She was teaching us the way of the Christian life. You can’t wear this clothes, you can’t do this and you can’t do that, but from that time I didn’t understand but when I surrendered myself to God himself, and God did change me. And God healed.

I don’t walk with the fear, I’m not scared of the darkness life because I was not born to be a prostitute. I experienced a lot of pain but now it was over. I can encouragement those who are still in the darkness.”

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