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NEW! Drop Down Now Included In Vertex

This month another new addition to the Vertex Framework is the S5 Ultimate Drop Down. This is a feature that was seen in several Shape 5 designs. Many have asked how to add to other designs so we decided to build this into the framework so every design here on out will have this functionality. Be sure to read more about this new feature here: Features:

  • Customize almost everything! Shadows, borders, gradient, opacity
  • Contains 6 module positions drop_down_1, drop_down_2, drop_down_3, drop_down_4, drop_down_5 and drop_down_6
  • Auto adjust to the height of your content
  • Set your own open and close text
  • And many more features!
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‘Oupa’, the young man and the lady…

What do these three people have in common? All three have searched for a place to belong and have found it at Straatwerk.

For years Oupa walked to the Straatwerk Ophelp Projekte depot to make a difference in his quiet, peaceful manner. He couldn’t participate in the strenuous cleaning shifts because the hard and tiresome work was physically too difficult for him, but he was serving all the participants by keeping the Jesus Saves bibs in an immaculate state, and by cleaning the benches where everyone came to rest after a hard day’s work. At the beginning of the year Oupa, at the age of 90+ had to retire since he is almost completely blind. Oupa is still an inspiration to all of us.

At the age of 17, Ashley’s life started to lose direction. He chose the wrong friends, drank heavily and started to smoke marijuana. Finally his circumstances at home forced him to the streets. He became addicted to a life of loitering without responsibility and work.

One Friday night Ashley was aimlessly strolling in Green Point (then 25 years old), when the Straatwerk-van (a familiar sight in the middle of the night) drove passed him. The outreach team spotted Ashley and went to talk to him and his friend.

Ashley and his friend weren’t really interested in the conversation and reluctantly took the Straatwerk information card. Two weeks later Ashley saw that his friend still had the card and he made a decision to go and see what this Ophelp Projekte was all about. He was exhausted, desperate and tired of a meaningless life.

The storeroom manager of Ophelp Projekte reached out to him, signed him up for a shift and said: “It’s over and done with, you are now part of Ophelp Projekte!”

Now, Ashley is a foreman at the Mowbray depot and an example to all the participants. He testifies: “I’m very happy that Straatwerk found me, or did I find Straatwerk? Either way, the project gave me a second chance at life. No going back.”

Jennifer Solomon was recruited at the City depot and started to participate in Ophelp Projekte on 22 April this year. At the time, she was staying at Napier shelter and told many of the residents about Ophelp Projekte. The Ophelp management noticed this good gesture and Jennifer was awarded a R300 bonus for setting a good example in recruiting people for shifts and taking it upon herself to talk, encourage and bring others to participate.

Jennifer recently paid a visit to our City depot with gratitude and a big smile; she got a job and is now on a one year contract at the fire station in Roeland Street! She testifies: “Jesus saves, Jesus has saved me. Had it not been for Ophelp Projekte, my life would still be a mess, but I have learnt valuable lessons at ‘the school of life’ and Jesus helped me through.”

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