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We have a number of initiatives aimed at calling women out of prostitution, as well as journeying with each one of them as they discover an abundant life in Christ.


Teams from various local churches, supported by Straatwerk, reach out to women trapped in prostitution. On different days of the week these teams can be found at work in the Paarl, Parow, Bellville, Brooklyn, Athlone, Kenilworth and Cape Town areas.

Project Restoration

This project aims to equip local churches to reach and restore women in prostitution. It consists of the following programmes:

  • 3-level training course;
  • workshops;
  • team gatherings (different outreach teams share and pray together);
  • internships;
  • team mentoring (on request); and
  • administrative support.

Journey of Hope

We develop processes and programmes to assist churches in the discipleship journey, including:


Individual holistic discipleship (whatever is best for the specific situation)

When a woman decides to leave the lifestyle of prostitution, we journey with her by assisting her in basic and practical needs, goal setting, budgeting and living a healthy lifestyle as she learns to live an abundant life in Christ.


Hope Recycling and Hands of Hope

These are ways in which the women can learn to earn cash in hand in a dignified way. When they recycle items and receive money for it, Straatwerk multiplies the amount. One way in which the women can earn an income is through Hands of Hope where they make and sell bracelets.

Hand of hope bracelet


God loves you. He wants you to be His child and live in Heaven forever.
Sin separates us from God.
Jesus paid for our sin on the cross.
We are cleansed and forgiven when we accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord.
We grow spiritually by praying, reading the Bible and sharing Jesus with others.
Jesus will return on the clouds and take His children Home.


Hope’s Up

This programme gives sponsors the opportunity to support two worthy causes at the same time: the upliftment of women and a charitable organisation. When a woman shows commitment, growth and stability in the journey, she qualifies to receive sponsored compensation for volunteer work at, among others, the SPCA and old age homes.


Growing in Hope

Straatwerk offers a residential discipleship programme of three to six months at its headquarters in Parow. This programme is presented in partnership with local church outreach teams and offers both in-house and day components.


Every week between 70 and 80 women are reached by Project Restoration teams.

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